Search for dance video archiver(s) 2011

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Announcement from Contemporary Dance Network Philippines

Needing volunteer(s) for video archiving 
for Contemporary Dance Network Phil. (Manila)
by Myra Beltran

Thank you to all who might be interested in this note.

For the past five years, we, as a Choreographers Network, have implemented the Wifi Body Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and have had other projects as well.

In the process, many choreographers have been produced - some of whom are doing wonderful work today.

We are in need of someone who can do video archiving for us 
as this will help our choreographers complete their portfolios.

Dance being an ephemeral art, all we have to offer our choreographers are these videos of their work.

Your volunteer work will be most appreciated in behalf of our choreographers network and the contemporary dance community in general.

Thank you all so much.
Email me at:
Myra C. Beltran

My take on this call for manpower by Contemporary Dance Network Philippines:

If you know of any students taking up library science or arts management (whether undergraduate or masteral) who need a project to work on for their thesis or OJT, maybe you can hook them up with the Contemporary Dance Network Philippines' search for volunteer archivers.

If things work out, then CDNP would get the manpower it needs while the students would get their "pre-requisite in partial fulfillment of" grade thingy that schools usually mandate.

The way I see it, it may actually need a combination of both disciplines.  An arts management student (ideally, I suppose) would plot out the project, its timelines and logistics, along with other administrative functions, while library science student(s) would set the parameters for actual archiving.

And with the speed that technology is evolving, thought has to be put on the different kinds of formats the archiving should encompass/anticipate.  Printed pictures and printed souvenir programmes will fade or could get molds; digital files could get corrupted or accidentally deleted: vessels for digital files such as computer hard drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks(!) could be physically damaged or become outdated ... things like that.

What do you think of this?  Share your comments.

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