UPLB Samasining's "Articulo Mortis" Feb. 15-18, 2012

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Inihahandog ng
University of the Philippines-Los Baños Samasining

ni Eljay Deldoc

Feb. 15-18, 2012
Dioscoro Umali Hall, University of the Philippines-Los Baños

Direksyon: Ron Biñas
Disenyo ng kasuotan: Carlo Pagunaling
Disenyo ng set: Kulay Labitigan
Disenyo ng ilaw: Ian Bautista

Articulo Mortis is a play that portrays death and its innumerable facets. Through the perspectives of five diverse characters, the play exposes a two-faced irony to this inevitable phenomenon -- where men live, and where men continue to live after dying.

Here is the trailer:

This production is part of:
1st Southern Tagalog Arts Festival

*The Southern Tagalog Arts Festival is a celebratory showcase of the role of the arts in everyday life. This month-long celebration coincides with National Arts Month (February 2012).

The festival aims to serve as a venue to represent not only the classical art forms (literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance and theater), but also folk arts (weaving, carving, embroidery, rituals) and contemporary art forms (digital photography, computer animation).

Participants to the 1st Southern Tagalog Arts Festival:
Biswal-   visual arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc.)
Lilok- plastic arts (sculpture, pottery/ceramics, etc.)
Balay- applied arts (weaving, embroidery, fashion design, interior design, architecture, etc.)
Sulat- written works (poetry, prose, academic research, etc.)
Tanghal- performative arts (theatre, music, dance, oral traditions, rituals and other expressions of belief, etc.)
Usbong- new media art forms (film, video, photography, graphic design, digital art, etc.)

The festival opens with the first Southern Tagalog Studies Conference, highlighting the scholarly study of local historical and cultural heritage as part of recognizing the Tagalog region’s contribution to Philippine culture and the arts.

Week 1
Feb 1: Grand Opening Conference, Dioscoro Umali Hall
Feb 2-4: Para Kay B, Makiling Ballroom Hall, SU Building
Feb 3: Pantas Writers Forum, 1 pm, Dioscoro Umali Hall

Week 2
Feb 6: If I Were A Voice; Dioscoro Umali Hall
Feb 7: Tagpuan sa Katimugan, Sining Makiling Gallery
Feb 8-11: Selebrasyon: Paghahabi ng Kwerdas ng Buhay, Dioscoro Umali Hall

Week 3
Feb 15-18: Artikulo Mortis, Dioscoro Umali Hall

Week 4
Feb 20: Papet Kalikasan, Dioscoro Umali Hall
Feb 22: Pelikultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival, DL Umali
Feb 23-24: Movements Guitar Concert, NCAS Auditorium

Week 5
Feb 27-28: Surtido: Indayog ng Kulturang Tagalog
Feb 29: Closing Concert, Baker Hall

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