Review of PETA's "Care Divas" in Journal of Asian Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities

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Yay! A review I wrote on "Care Divas" was published in the Journal of Asian Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities in its Vol. 1, No. 2 issue in 2011.

This review is an expanded and reworked version of a blog post I'd written last year about my thoughts on the show (you can read it here).  Editor-in-chief Jovino Miroy pushed and pushed and pushed me to whip my blog post into shape.

My very last line for the review, the spirit of which I'd been thinking about but only gelled in my head and articulated itself after I had submitted my draft, didn't seem to make it to the final printed result even though I had tried to send it in.

Here is what I would have wanted the last line to be: "But only just so."

The review in the journal can be read here:

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