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Theaterbator blog by Walter Ang received a message from a reader in a post:

Students during an acting exercise in a theater workhsop.
Hi! I'm looking for a group / school / theater troupe that accepts amateur singers who are willing to train in stage musical performance. I saw the links you wrote down but I don't know which one is most suitable for me (since I have no experience whatsoever). 

So, may I ask for your advice and perhaps if you have any contacts with any of the groups, I can also ask for it/them? Thanks a lot! I would really appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

adbercasio @ yahoo . com

Here is my reply:
hello adbercasio @ yahoo . com,

thank you for visiting theaterbator blog by walter ang.

if your school doesn't have a theater organization, you can join workshops offered by other schools or by theater groups.  sometimes, churches or local government units also offer workshops.

when it comes to "suitability," your time, proximity to a workshop venue, and budget notwithstanding, depending on our language skills, you can choose one of the "filipino-speaking" groups or one of the "english-speaking" groups.  eventually, you could explore the (other) language/s you're not too familiar with to stretch yourself.

language considerations aside, if you've had a chance to watch productions by different theater groups, you can get a feel of their styles of theater-making.  pick a group that resonates with you.

you can also audition for upcoming productions and, if you're accepted, train as you go along. sometimes the only way to "train" for something is to go ahead and do it.

ultimately, only you can judge if you're suited to a group's style or methods. but the more styles and methods and techniques you learn, the better for you.

to find out if there are upcoming auditions and workshops (while most workshops are offered during the summer months, there's always the possibility of a workshop or two being conducted during non-summer months), you can read newspapers, check out bulletin boards, surf the net, and, of course, visit (wink).

scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see free subscription options--choose one or all that will make it more convenient for you.

you can also contact the groups to ask if they have upcoming workshops.  go to theaterbator blog by walter ang's directory section, which lists some of the more known groups.

you might also like to read an article i wrote previously about workshops here.

break a leg with and keep on theaterbatoring!
theaterbator blog by walter ang

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