"Delight/Delirium" Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2012

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Announcement from Riley Palanca

Riley Palanca

A Creative Writing thesis production of Riley Palanca, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, University of the Philippines, supervised by Paolo Manalo.

Two hours, four one-act plays.
18 men, 2 beds, 3 beanbags, handcuffs, rope, and a swivel chair

Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2012 3pm and 7pm
Teatro Hermogenes Ylagan, Faculty Center,
University of the Philippines, Quezon City.

"Delight/Delirium" looks into that triggering incident that shifts the dichotomy from the pains of delight into the logic of delirium. This is both a celebration and a lament of that psyche of an underground, masculine, and queer subculture, with each play layering deeper and deeper into the world of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, violence, rage, angst, war, power, and memories.

Directed by Arkel Mendoza
When five high school boys stumble into one of their friend’s basement to engage in their usual drug
sessions, little did they know how it would be the night that would change them. As they get more and
more inebriated, each boy zooms in on an incident in their group’s life, breaking down the barriers
between individual and group, ultimately leading them to question why they became friends in the first

Directed by Chic San Augstin
In a post-apocalyptic Philippines where the Clergy has taken control of the government and
homosexuals are being massacred, Viper, a high-ranking rebel soldier, attempts to resurrect his
murdered lover by kidnapping and interrogating an imperial priest about the whereabouts of a specific
body part — only to find out that its discovery comes at a price of its own.

Directed by Ric Salcedo
One night that could have been typical for two people: the first throwing himself into the world in
search for himself; the second, willing to oblige — for a price. Both callboy and client are trapped in an
endless negotiation about boundaries and fetishes. When the games begin, their whole philosophies on
love, sex, and relationships (the big three) might get either reaffirmed or shattered beyond thought.

Little Black Book
Directed by Katte Sabate
Who owns a memory? Who steals a memory? Is a memory a fragmentation of truth or the weaving of a lie? What are these men, are they men, are they characters, are they caricatures, or are they ultimately
ideals? One man questions his present by rooting through his past, clawing through the shards that
make him whole. A confession with no penance.

Contact +63915-970-5508 or palanca.riley@gmail.com. Facebook: delightdelirium2012.

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