Fourth Wall Theater Company's "Tatarin" Aug. 27, 2011

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Announcement from Philippine Normal University's Fourth Wall Theater Company

Nick Joaquin's
Aug. 27, 2011
1pm 3pm (possible 5pm show if there is demand)
Pope Pius Auditorium
UN Ave., Manila City

Directed by Mark Ryan Hernandez

About the play
The play is about the oldest and longest-running war known to man, the war between the sexes. Joaquin's problem then was how to make this war relevant again to jaded audiences (the play was written in 1975); his solution was to set the play in the 1920s, when male-dominated Western Culture was just beginning to tremble.

The battle lines are drawn, around a married couple—Don Paeng and Dona Lupe Moreta, on the evening of the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist, on the third night of the "Tatarin"--a pagan ritual where for three days out of the year women hold ascendancy over men.

The play explores the pagan forces in the Christian community, and the superiority of women to imperious men. It portrays and contrasts the men and women who simultaneously celebrate the recently introduced feast of St. John the Baptist and the ceremonial acts of the tatarin, a pagan ritual to the moon led by female priestesses.

About the group
Fourthwall Theater Company is founded by teacher/artists-manned Drama Education and Theater Arts specialists of the Philippine Normal University. It is composed of active youth members, theatre enthusiasts and students who adhere to the precept that theater is a catalyst for educational advancement and personal development.

The group has performed in various schools and universities and rendered workshops to empower education through drama and theater arts by helping out schools and communities to establish their very own theater organization.

Contact 0922-866-6917 or

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