Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas "Lovefest" Aug 12, 2011

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I saw the world premiere of "Ang Bayot ..." at the 2008 Virgin Labfest and wrote about it here.  Now its going to be restaged.

Announcement from Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas

Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas

Tried, Tested, Staged Plays
A twin-bill of one-act comedy plays from the Virgin Labfest

August 12, 2011 8 PM
College Assurance Plan Auditorium, College Assurance Plan Building, 
126 Amorsolo St. cor. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Ticket Price P300 ONLY

(From Virgin Labfest 2008)
Rogelio Braga's
“Ang Bayot,ang Meranao at ang Habal-habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte”
An unusual rendezvous of two beautiful and sharp-tongue outspoken creatures living at the margins of our society. Take a peak on their engagement as they courageously travel - devoid of any inhibitions, political corectness, and social graces - that rough and "older than history" roads of discrimination, hypocrisy, bigotry, social divides, corruption, and unspoken violence to arrive in a decent friendship. Ang Bayot, Ang Meranao, at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte is a bitter yet funky peppered with a Radio Active Sago Project kick-ass take on the cruelties of our society that condones discrimination which is definitely not so cool.

(From Virgin Labfest 2011)
Joey Paras'
"Bawal Tumawid, Nakakamatay"
It is February 14, Valentine`s Day. A pretty young maiden named Eva is trapped in a bus stop along EDSA. Desperately thinking of how to get a cab to make it to her father`s burial in La Loma, she tries to ask passersby on how to easily make it to her destination. As she encounters different bystanders, she sees an easy access to make it to the other lane of the avenue---an opening in the middle of the highway which has a sign: BAWAL TUMAWID, NAKAMAMATAY. This signage prolongs her decision making. In the process of finding the easiest way to cross to the other side, Eva meets a stranger, an old carpenter named Mang Caloy. The old man gives her options on how to make it to La Loma but she remains indecisive.

The heavy traffic caused by the occasion and the unpredictable pouring of heavy rains engage them into a more peculiar conversation. A coffee shop near the bus stop becomes their initial refuge and this is where they begin to share sentiments and funny stories about their past. Eva talks about her father`s death and her simple dreams as a hopia vendor. Mang Caloy breaks the serene conversation by telling the story behind the signage. An unpredictable revelation of the old man`s past marks the climax of the play. As the busy avenue becomes expansive again, an unexpected accident happens. This sudden death catches the ill-fated Eva in deep shock.

Contact 0915-323-4521 or 0939-260-0309.

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