FREE ADMISSION "Unlimited Text" Sept. 26, 2011

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19 actors + 5 scenes + 1 roof
Curated by Ana Abad Santos

"A fun-raising project"
Hat will be passed after the show
for the benefit of Philippine Theater Actors Guild.

Celebrate the actor and the text,
the wealth and diversity of talent in Philippine theater
and the power of adaptation.
All in the spirit of fun.

Sept. 26 and Oct 3, 2011 9pm
Taumbayan Restaurant
40 Gener St. corner K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City
(Gener St. is perpendicular to E. Rodriguez Blvd.)

From Anton Chekhov's UNCLE VANYA
Scene: Helena, Sonya and Astrov

On a decaying farm, Uncle Vanya and his niece Sonya suffer a thankless job to sustain an estate in decline. Now, Professor Serebryakov and his wife Helena have returned to visit, bringing with them chaos and disruption. Constant visits from the charismatic Astrov are not helpful. From this tumultuous mess grows three consuming love affairs, each of which is destined to wither in disappointment before it has reached bloom.

Adapted and Directed by: George de Jesus III
Cast: Gwyn Guanzon, Jojit Lorenzo, Red Concepcion, Gabriel Santos

From Aaron Sorkin's THE SOCIAL NETWORK

Aaron Sorkin's THE SOCIAL NETWORK chronicles the rise of Harvard computer-tech MarkZuckerberg as he creates the now globally famous website Facebook. In the opening scene, Mark argues with his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend Erica about his need to be accepted to one of Harvard's exclusive final clubs. After insulting her several times, Erica dumps Mark and walks out of the bar. Just like that he's 0 for 2; he doesn't have a girlfriend and he's not a final clubs member. These are the two main driving forces of Mark's character. His pursuit of creating the site, at all costs, is a way to win the approval of a woman he scorned. Facebook is Mark's own exclusive club and he is the President.

Directed by: JoMari Jose
Cast: Topper Fabregas, Jenny Jamora

John Patrick Shanley's DOUBT: A PARABLE

In a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, a popular priest's ambiguous relationship with a troubled 12-year-old black student is questioned by the school's principal.

Directed by: Jake Macapagal
Cast: Paolo O'Hara, Roselyn Perez


MAY KATWIRAN ANG KATWIRAN, by National Artist for Theater Rolando S. Tinio, looks at the relationship between the Senyor (landowner) and his Kasama (peasant). The play was written in 1972 and described by the playwright as "Dulang may Labingwalong Tagpo at Labindalawang Awit" (Play with Eighteen Scenes and Twelve Songs) . In the prologue, the playwright, in true Brechtian fashion, guides the audience in viewing the play, thus "Huwag amen nang amen sa iaasal ng mga tauhan sa aming dula. Huwag sabihing 'Ganyan ang buhay!' Sa halip, laging itanong-- 'Dapat bang ganyan?' Pakialaman kung makatwiran ang kanilang pangangatwiran. Maging mapanuri sa kanilang karanasan."

Directed by: Joel Saracho
Cast: Peter Serrano, Neil Tolentino

Yasmina Reza's ART

ART was originally written in French by Yasmina Reza and adapted in English by ChristopherHampton. It is a play about three men who have remained friends through the years and how they find their friendship on shaky ground after one of them buys a painting, a white canvas with white lines. The painting triggers arguments about many issues that have not been discussed before, and little by little these men start to reevaluate themselves, their relationships and their trust in one another.

This version was adapted and modernized. Aside from that, the characters' genders were changed into females. It is a contemporary take on friendship, ego, taste, tolerance, conflict and art.

Adapted and Directed by: Bea Garcia
Cast: Delphine Buencamino, Reg de Vera, Clyde Enriquez

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