Young Artist Productions' "Hercules 12" Sept 14-15, 2011

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Announcement from Young Artist Productions

Young Artist Productions
Hercules 12
An emo musicale

Book & Lyrics by George de Jesus III
Music by Jeff Hernandez

Among the Greek myths and legends, nothing comes close in popularity and mass appeal than the story of Hercules. The son of the Greek God Zeus and the beautiful mortal Alcmene, Hercules is a great figure of valor and strength. His bravery earned him a place among the gods. After he left the mortal world, he found a position on Mount Olympus, the gods' dwelling place.

Hercules 12 is a contemporary retelling of the story of Hercules, highlighting the 12 Labors or Tasks that Hercules must undergo to purify his soul after unwittingly killing his wife.

Using contemporary emo, R&B sounds and alternative rock rhythms, the musical combines current-sounding tunes with a stylized visual rendition of Greek theater traditions updated through multi-media technologies.

Now in Manila
The production has done regional performances in Mindanao and Tugegarao as a work-in-progress.
It will now be shown in Manila.

Featuring Geoff Taylor as Hercules
Cast includes Red Concepcion, Deo dela Cruz, Joshua Deocareza, Pipay Era, Bea Garcia, Derrick Gozos, She Maala, Noel Rayos, Gab Santos, Alys Serdenia, Athena Tibi, Reuben Uy.

Schedule / venue
September 14, 2011, 10 AM and 2 PM
September 15, 2011, 1 and 5 PM
Crossroad 77 Event Venue, Mother Ignacia Avenue,  cor. Scout Reyes Street, Quezon City.

Contact 0917-817-8927.

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