2011 is the year of the Twelfth Nights

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Earlier this year, I noticed that there would be lot of Shakespeare productions during Rizal's birth sesquicentennial.

Then I noticed how 2011 became the year of the Titus Andronici (and discussed the possibility of theater artists' brainwaves latching on to wanting to stage the same show and/or how some shows might having their own staging energies, emerging when they want to be staged).

How funny, then, for 2011 to also become the year of the Twelfth Nights!

Well, okay, November 2011 to be specific: Asian American Leviathan Lab is staging a Wong kar-wai inspired production in Manhattan while Assumption College San Lorenzo's Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption is also staging its own production in Makati.

All this talk about "Twelfth Nights" makes me remember Tanghalang Ateneo's Asian-inspired staging in 2000 (you can read about it here).  I also really liked the clever 2006 American movie adaptation "She's the Man," starring Amanda Bynes.

Anyhoo, Phlippine Educational Theater Association is reportedly also planning on staging a Tagalog translation of "Twelfth Night" for its 2012-2013 season.  Perhaps it's not quite over its exclusive Shakepeare-centric line-up for its 2011-2012 season, kekeke.

What do you think of these productions? Share your comments.

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