Dulaang Kalay's inaugural production: "Series Finale: Saan Hahantong Ang Tagpong Ito?!" Dec. 5 to 18, 2011

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Announcement from Dulaang Kalay

Dulaang Kalay
its inaugural production
"Series Finale: Saan Hahantong Ang Tagpong Ito?!"

Book by Katte Sabate and William Elvin Manzano
Original Music and Lyrics by William Elvin Manzano
Directed by William Elvin Manzano

Dec. 5 to 18, 2011
Vision 21 Theater, Crossroads 77 Event Venue
77 Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City

A satirical look at Filipinos' obsession with telenovelas and their stars, the play centers around the last episode of a soap opera, with all its melodrama and cliches, aired in the midst of national scandals and big news stories.

Katte Sabate was the dramaturg and headwriter of "Rizal X." William Elvin Manzano created the music and lyrics of "Rizal X" and "Cyrano: Isang Sarsuwela."

Janine Santos and Erika Estacio (Helena San Diego)
Roxanne Aldiosa and Dreps Tatad (Venus San Juan)
Earle Figuracion and Acey Aguilar (Apollo)
Harry David (Michael)
and the Dulaang Kalay Ensemble

Jean Tanchuco and Nissi Gatan (Production Designers)
Niqi Granados (Costume Designer)
Meliton Roxas (Lighting Designer)
Gabe Ongkiko and Timothy Ng (Video Design)
Delphine Buencamino (Choreography)

The group
Dulaang Kalay is a theater organization founded by King Agamemon Harry T. David together and is composed of a young breed of theater actors and enthusiasts.

To sponsor or to purchase tickets, contact 0906-458-1711 or 0906-572-1157.

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