Retrospective trilogy of Tony Perez plays opens Sept 30, 2011

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Yay! My article on the upcoming production of "Tatlong Tabing," a retrospective trilogy of Tony Perez's works was published by Philippine Daily Inquirer in its September 26, 2011 issue.

Since Tanghalang Pilipino is doing a retrospective of Perez's works, I thought I'd do a mini-retrospective of the articles I've written about him, kekeke!

In 2009, I interviewed Tony Perez when his play "Saan ba tayo ihahatid ng Disyembre" was about to be staged by Philippine Educational Theater Association in Feb of 2009. (I know, it was slightly confusing to watch a play with "Disyembre" in the title during February, kekeke).

I had so many notes from that interview that it resulted in two separate articles: One that talked about the "Disyembre" play (you can read it here) and, later on, an article that talked about his prolific writing, the development of his 40-volume (40!!!!) collected works, and his advice for playwrights (which you can read here).
Retrospective trilogy of Tony Perez plays opens Sept 30
By Walter Ang

Tony Perez
Tanghalang Pilipino will stage "Tatlong Tabing: Three Plays by Tony Perez," which includes "Sierra Lakes;" "Bombita;" and "Nobyembre, Noong Akala Ko'y Mahal Kita."

"Perez has spent over two decades eloquently dissecting the Filipino psyche," says TP artistic director Fernando "Nanding" Josef.  "He's an important and prolific playwright in contemporary Philippine drama. His plays deal with adult themes such as intense love, betrayal, separation, compassion, poverty, hunger, marriage, birth, and death."

The plays featured in this trilogy trace the artistic development of Perez as a playwright.

"It was a consensus: three plays from three significant stages in my career as a playwright," says Perez. "'Sierra Lakes' from my early works, 'Bombita' from my first major trilogy of full-length plays dubbed 'Tatlong Paglalakbay;' and 'Nobyembre …' from my second major trilogy of full-length plays dubbed 'Indakan Ng Mga Puso.'"

Cast and collaborators
Cast of "Nobyembre..."
"Sierra Lakes" explores issues among four people caught in a complicated web of love and desire.

"Bombita" is a black comedy which questions the blind obedience and subservience of young rookies in the military.

"Nobyembre …" is a case study of the absence of love in an average, middle-class male in contemporary Philippine society.

"Sierra Lakes" and "Bombita" will be shown in a twinbill.  The twinbill will rotate in showing schedules with "Nobyembre …"

The three plays will feature TP's Actors Company, its pool of actors, both current members and several alumni.  TP subsidizes the training of all AC scholars, apprentices and members in acting, movement, dance, voice, script analysis, improvisation, directing and other related courses.

All three plays share collaborators: Tuxqs Rutaquio as production designer, Dennis Marasigan as lighting designer, and TJ Ramos as sound designer.  However, each play will have its own director: former Actors Company member Tess Jamias (Sierra), former TP artistic director Marasigan (Bombita), and Rutaquio (Nobyembre).

Painter, too
An exhibit of Tony Perez's paintings will also be mounted at the lobby of Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater), titled "Tony Perez: A Playwright Who Paints."

"They are also chronological and retrospective," says Perez.  "It includes chronological photo-portraits of me by Hedwig de Leon, a professional photographer. I will also include eight original manuscripts to be displayed in glass cases."

UST Publishing House has released several titles under the series "The Collected Works of Tony Perez," which compiles Perez's plays, essays, etc. and will reach 40 volumes.  Among those that have been released, volumes 1 to 4, 7 and 9 contain his plays.

Volume 2 includes "Sierra Lakes," volume 4 has the Tagalog version of "Bombita," and volume 9 has the English translation of "Bombita."

"Tatlong Tabing" runs from Sept. 30-Oct 23, 2011.  "Nobyembre …" runs Sept 30-Oct. 2 and Oct 15-2. The "Sierra Lakes/Bombita" twinbill runs Oct. 7-9 and 14-23. Call ahead to confirm at 0917-750-0107, 0918-959-3949, 218-3791, 832-3661, 832-1125 loc. 162. Rows of seats and entire shows can be bought at discount. Visit

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What do you think of this production?

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Eustra Bunny said...

Thanks for the info!!! It was very helpful.

Saw "Nobyembre, Noong Akala Ko'y Mahal Kita." last night and it was genius!!! Loved it so much!!!

It's a show everyone must see!!!