Fourth Wall Theater Company's "Ang Tao" Nov. 27, 2011

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Announcement from Philippine Normal University's Fourth Wall Theater Company

Philippine Normal University's
Fourthwall Theater

Ang Tao
a Filipino translation of

Nov 27, 2011 1pm and 3pm

St. Scholastica's College Little Theater, Malate, Manila City

Everyman is a morality play and allegorical drama that teaches a lesson about how Christians should live and what a person must do to save his soul. A morality play was, in effect, a sermon that was acted out. The characters of a typical morality play include personifications of virtues (such as hope and charity), vices (such as pride and sloth), or other qualities, as well as personifications of objects (such as money) or activities (such as death or fellowship).

The group
Fourthwall Theater Company is founded by teacher/artists-manned Drama Education and Theater Arts specialists of Philippine Normal University. It is composed of active youth members, theatre enthusiasts and students who adhere to the precept that theater is a catalyst for educational advancement and personal development.

The group has performed in various schools and universities and rendered workshops to empower education through drama and theater arts by helping out schools and communities to establish their very own theater organization.

Contact 0922-866-6917 or

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