Talinhaga Theatre Collaborative's "Pulses" Nov. 30, 2011

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When this play was first performed by DUP's Dulaang Laboratoryo, the playwright Ino Habana used the pseudonym Icarus (see the announcement here). In this restaging by Talinhaga Theatre Collaborative, he is now using his real name.

Announcement from Talinhaga Theatre Collaborative

In celebration of
World AIDS Day

Talinhaga Theatre Collaborative
Take the Test

a play about people living with HIV
by Ino Habana & Iscariot

November 30, 2011 | 6PM to 8PM
The Library Bar, Maria Orosa St., Malate, Manila
Limited seats available

For the benefit of Take the Test, an awareness campaign on HIV.  Take the Test provides FREE HIV antibody testing, pre-test and post-test HIV counseling (one-on-one), effective referral, and follow-up.

PULSES is a play that weaves personal accounts, monologues, scenes, songs and poems. By creating a tapestry of whispers, cries and clamor, PULSES is a play that asks everyone to be aware - and to understand. It is a prayer for love, hope and acceptance.

PULSES is all about the narratives of people with HIV-AIDS. Despite it's simplicity (no spectacle and pretense), the narrative compels me to feel the texture of pain,hope, love acceptance and care - palpable! The play effectively articulates the complexities of body, globalization, home, relationships and sexualities of people with HIV-AIDS. It has its subtle and careful way of revealing the closet of HIV-AIDS epistemology in this country.

Direction | Pat Valera and Katte Sabate
Choreography | Katte Sabate and Al Bernard Velarde Garcia
Music & Sound Design | Teresa Barrozo
Lights Design | Meliton Roxas
Set Design | Sigmund Pecho
Original Song | Fitz Edward Torres Bitana

Contact 0917 812 57 11

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