Gantimpala Theater's "Florante at Laura" Nov. 11-26, 2011

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Announcement from Gantimpala Theater

Gantimpala Theater caps 34th season with "Florante at Laura"

The Albanian Sweethearts
Florante (Yutaka Yamakawa)
and Laura (Ellrica Laguardia).
Gantimpala Theater caps its 34th season (2011) with
Francisco Balagtas’
“Florante at Laura”

One of the most enduring Filipino literary masterpieces described by many as a poetic art that examines the nature of justice, truth and commitment to fairness, written into a play by award-winning playwright Boni Ilagan, with the brothers Roeder and Jose Jeffrey Camañag as its directors.

“Ilagan's interpretation of the classic focuses on the many facets of love – from its purest form to its most corrupted version. His understanding of Balagtas’ words allows audiences the opportunities to witness Florante’s encounters with love – his love for knowledge, his love for his parents, his brotherly love for his best friend Minandro, his romantic love for Laura, his love for his enemies, and ultimately, the love for his country and the Higher Cause,” says the directors.

“We are highlighting the beauty of the language and the elements of komedya. What we give the public now is a tribute to Florante and Laura, as literary characters, a tribute to Francisco Balagtas and his mastery of the Tagalog language, and a tribute to the komedya, which is a true Filipino theater form.”

Cast and collaborators
Majority of the cast are members of Gantimpala’s Actor’s Company.  Alternately playing the Albanian prince Florante are Yutaka Yamalawa and Rafa Esplana. Ellrica Laguardia portrays Laura, a princess and Florante’s sweetheart.

Collaborators include Andy Villareal (lights designer), Joey de Guzman (set designer), Toni Muñoz (music designer), Meyo de Jesus (video designer), and Ian de Leon (choreographer).

The National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), Jimms-7-in-1 Coffee and Everbilena support Gantimpala Theater’s Florante at Laura.

Nov. 11-2, 18-19 (10am/2pm), AFP Theater, Quezon City
Nov. 25-26 (11am/2pm) Cinema 3, SM Southmall, Las Piñas City

Contact 899-5911/899-5745/998-5622. Visit and

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