Agnes Locsin's "Puno: Pangatlong Galaw" Aug 1, 2012

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PETA Theater Center

Puno: Pangatlong Galaw

A one-hour concert collection of solo and duo dances

August 1, 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. 

Choreographed by Agnes Locsin
Featuring Gaye Galiluyo and Georgette Sanchez

"Puno: Pangatlong Galaw" is the third of Locsin's series titled "Alay Sa Puno," a tribute to trees, a dirge for their disappearance, and a plea for reforestation.. "Puno" follows "Ugat: Unang Galaw" and "Dahon: Ikalawang Galaw."

"Puno" explores the literal, physical and symbolical virtues of the texture and strength garnered from the trunks that bear the weight of life. While the first and second series installments focused on the common trees around the Philippines, "Puno" focuses on the hard and redwood trees found mostly in the vanishing forests of the Philippines. This concert will show the strength of nearly if not already extinct trees like the Apitong, Yakal, Tugas, Kamagong, Mangkono and Bagtikan trees, along with the lesser known hardtrees like the Caimito, Lechiyas and Bayabas trees. "Puno" will expound on the parallelisms of the fight for survival of men, women, and trees.

Galiluyo and Sanchez, both international artists, are alumnae of Ballet Philippines where they first crossed paths and trained with Locsin.

Galiluyo was the First Prize Winner for performance and interpretation at the 9th International Solo Tanz Theater in 2005 in Germany and a bronze medalist in the Masdanza International Dance Competition in Spain. In 1999, Galiluyo moved to Switzerland to dance with Tanztheater Basel. A year later, she went on to Germany to join the Geissen Dance Company as well as the Irina Pauls Tanztheater. She is currently an independent artist based in Freiburg, Germany but comes home for her mentor's choreographic forays.

In 2000, meanwhile, Sanchez won the silver medal in the 9th Paris International Dance Competition, for her performances in Locsin's "September" and Alden Lugnasin's "Aku."  She has danced with ABC Dance Company in Austria and for Tanz Darmstadt in Germany, and will join the Tanz Oper in Munich, Germany this August.

Galiluyo and Sanchez were both seen in the Philippines in Locsin's "Sayaw, Sabel" (2010) and previously in "Sayaw LikhANG KIUKOK" (2005).

Contact 735-6244 or 0916-309-0707.

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