Please help the Philippines join the 1st Boston International Ballet Competition on May 12-16, 2011

Candice Adea
The Azkals just won 3-0 against Bangladesh and now qualify for the AFC Challenge Cup, says this article.

Now the Philippines can have another chance to win at another international competition but the country's representatives need help!  Please see their solicitation letter below.

Get a chance to parlay your account(s) in social networking websites to create a real-life, tangible change.  Simply “activate” your network of friends and contacts and pass on the solicitation letter below to the contacts in your account who you think/know might be able to help the dancers. 

Jean Marc Cordero
- Do you know any Fil-Ams (or any-Ams for that matter) in Boston, Massachusetts who can provide free accommodations (and ground transport) for them? Well, and food?
- Do you know any fil-ams in boston who can let them do rehearsals in a warm dance studio prior to the competition?
- Do you know anyone from any airline who can sponsor their airfare?
- Do you know anyone who can sponsor their toe shoes? (toe shoes are super expensive)
- Do you know anyone who can sponsor their vitamins, luggage, roaming charges for their cellphones, videocam to document the trip and allow other dancers to watch their techniques, etc.? 

Please forward this to all your benevolent and financially-capable-of-helping-out friends/contacts in the Philippines and in America (especially Boston) and in the entire world.

Hurry! They don't have much time left! If they don't get the money, they won't be able to go! And no one will represent the Philippines in the competition!

+63917-348-83-13 or +632-832-36-89

Donations can be deposited to this bank account:
Cyril Aran Glory Fallar
BPI savings account # 3133-3351-28

(See their solicitation letter below these last two photos.)
Cyrill Fallar
Philip Rocamora


March 26, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam:

Good day! The Philippines is a very good source of talent when it comes to performing arts. Our singers, actors, and dancers are well-loved and respected around the world for their quality performances. Nevertheless, despite the efforts put in by our performing artists, the Philippines is still striving to keep the country's name afloat in the performing arts map.

To keep this spirit going, the undersigned dancers applied to the 1st Boston International Ballet Competition. We were then preselected from the video elimination round and will continue on in Boston, Massachusetts on May 12-16, 2011. It would be a good way to showcase the artists molded by our country.

However, since most of us dancers are only dependent on our meager salaries, we would like to count on your generosity by helping us with the attendant cost of said competition.

Last year, through the help of benevolent people like you, two of our Filipino dancers garnered recognition in the prestigious USA International Ballet Competition at Jackson, Mississippi. They were able to raise the name of the Philippines in the dance map. Candice Adea was the Silver Medalist while Jean Marc Cordero, the first Filipino male to compete in USAIBC, was a Semi-finalist.

This year, we are adding two more dancers to the delegation: Cyril Fallar, 1st Place Winner, National Music Competitions for Young Artists Foundation (NAMCYA) Ballet Competition; and Philip Rocamora, 3rd Place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition. Considering the level of competition, we will need the guidance of our very own Victor Ursabia, who will serve as our official coach.

We are currently trying to raise 13,200 USD. 
For your reference, below is the estimated breakdown of the projected expenses.

Plane fare (round trip) to Boston, Massachusetts 1,800 USD x 5 persons = 9,000 USD
Accommodation 70 USD x 7 days x 5 persons = 2,450 USD
Food and Transportation Allowance 50 USD x 7 days x 5 persons = 1,750 USD
TOTAL 13,200 USD

We would forever be grateful for your help and that we would strengthen our resolve to do our best to win this competition and make the Philippines proud. Moreover, we will also make it a point to share our experiences and knowledge learned in the competition to fellow Filipino dancers to keep the spirit of excellence and distinction alive.

We are looking forward to partner with you in this endeavor. Thank you very much.

Truly yours,

Candice Adea                                                              
Silver Medalist, USAIBC Competition 2010           

Jean Marc Cordero
Semi-Finalist, USAIBC Competition 2010                     

Cyril Fallar                                                                                     
1st place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition 2010

Philip Rocamora                                                           
3rd Place Winner, NAMCYA Ballet Competition 2007 and 2010  

Victor Ursabia
Official Coach

Contact Information
E-mail Address:                       
Contact Nos.:                                     0917-348-83-13 or 832-36-89

Donations can be deposited to this bank account:
Cyril Aran Glory Fallar

BPI savings account # 3133-3351-28

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