Tom Stoppard's Arcadia on Broadway

I just found out that Tom Stoppard's "Aracdia" is being restaged on Broadway through this review in the New York Times.  It will be on a limited run and stars Billy Cudrup and Raul Esparza in lead roles.

I saw "Arcadia" way back in 1995 staged by the Goodman Theater in Chicago.  I thought it was a wonderful show. It was dense with ideas and words: mathematics, chaos theory, landscape design, illicit affairs, history, literary figures, love ... so many things to absorb all in one play.

I loved how Stoppard crafted scenes where characters from the past and present share the stage at the same time.  I had never seen anything like that before and the concept made my brain crackle.

I also loved the lighting design, especially the skyline colors that would shift from hues of blue to indigo and even orange (if memory serves me correctly) and, at the end, a simulation of fireworks.  Simple but effective.


Are their any productions you saw a long time ago but still crackles in your brain years later? Share your comments. = )

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