Welcome to the Theaterbator blog by Walter Ang

Welcome! This is the Theaterbator blog by Walter Ang.

I had been meaning to create a blog about my theater writing for quite a while now but have always gotten too lazy, hahaha. 

Also, there are already many bloggers who write about theater and I wondered about the point of creating yet another one, carving out more space in cyberspace. 

So. Let's see if this one will last longer than I hope it will.

I was choosing between two names for this blog. The other option was "thetheaterator" blog. I wanted a play on spelling/words: the/the/ater/ator. Also, it sounds like "the theater rater," reinforcing the sense that some of the writing that I do is connected to "rating" shows that I've seen.  Another friend said it made him think of "theater moderator."

In the end, this attempt at cleverness was sacrificed so that people wouldn't go crazy typing in the blog's address, you can just imagine the typos and frustration a blog title like that is likely to incur.

Okay, here we go, let's theaterbatorize the world, one show at a time!

March 16, 2011

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