Tennessee Williams would have been a hundred years old

Tennessee Williams
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Elizabeth Taylor has died.

(Taylor is before my time. I realized I have not seen any of her movies at all (although someone told me she was in the "Flintsones" movie, which I vaguely remember watching.).  I've caught the first half hour of "Cleopatra" though and I think I will dig it up this weekend to watch.)

My friend R.I. alerted me to the fact that she had done Broadway when she was alive and that she also did four movies that were based on Tennessee Williams' plays: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Suddenly Last Summer (1959), Boom (1968) and Sweet Bird of Youth (1989, TV-movie).

He also told me that the 100th anniversary of Williams is coming soon.  Mr. Williams was born on March 26, 2011).

I have only seen two of Williams' works thus far.  I saw Tanghalang Pilipino's translation/adaptation of "Orpheus Descending" (Orfeo sa Impyerno).  I also caught their English staging and Tagalog translation of "Streetcar Named Desire" (Flores Para Los Muertos).  Orfeo was directed by Jose Estrella while Streetcar was directed by Floy Quintos. If I'm not mistaken, both were translated by Rody Vera.

I've always wanted to see "Glass Menagerie" and "Suddenly, Last Summer."  I want to see "Glass" because it's one of his known works. I've always wanted to see "Suddenly" because I think the title is funny, kekeke, but when I Wikipediaed it, I changed my mind after I found out it's basically two long depressing monologues.

I was also forced to watch (don't ask) the movie "Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," based on one of his short stories.  The movie bored me to tears and I lost two hours of my life and didn't even get any diamonds.  Kekeke.

What are your thoughts on Taylor's movies that are based on plays? What are your thoughts on Williams? Are there any other Tagalog translations of his plays? Share your comments.

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